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Headteacher's Statement

Respect, Aspiration, Determination, Independence

Dear Parents/Carers,

The school is very proud of its students and we would like our students to be proud of the school they attend. We work hard at promoting and enforcing high standards and expectations. We welcome the support of our parents and community and will endeavour to liaise and inform on school policies and procedures.

Can I politely request that parents/carers work closely with the school in addressing any concerns or issues they may have by contacting the school directly in the first instance. We are more than happy to address questions or clarify misconceptions through communication with relevant staff or through making an appointment at Head teachers Surgery. Alternatively parents/carers are invited to attend the Parents Forum where they can put forward agenda items for discussion.

It has come to our attention that recently a minority of representatives from the school community are using social media to air their views and invite media attention to the school. Although we appreciate that individuals have a right to express their opinions, information is not always based on the full facts. This often leads to misrepresentations and can have a negative impact on the way the school is perceived. This can then in turn reflect upon our students and families and bring them and our school in to disrepute causing external parties to make preconceived judgements on our school community.

We are more than happy to work with the community to encourage open dialogue to clarify facts and enable the opportunity to resolve issues where possible prior to the use of social media.

Appointments at Headteacher’s surgery can be made by contacting Vanessa Deans on

We want to make Reddish Vale a school to be proud of. Thank you for your ongoing support,

Linda Hanson