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Literacy Planet

Literacy Planet - Word Mania Contest

Your child has been given a log in for Literacy Planet, an online learning platform they access every two weeks within an English lesson aimed at improving their spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, grammar and comprehension skills. 

However, this platform can and should also be used at home to support the improvement of their literacy skills.

Their English teacher will set a bank of missions (tasks) linked to where they need to make specific improvements based on what they have noticed in your child’s book or an assessment, every two weeks. These tasks are locked and will need to be completed first before they can go on and complete a task of their choice.

Log in here:

Using their username and password.

Pupils receive monthly certificates to reward their progress and achievement linked to improving their literacy skills; the more they use Literacy Planet, the more improvement they will make!

Please contact if you are having difficulty logging in or your child has misplaced their log in details.