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Parents Information

Respect, Aspiration, Determination, Independence

Parents Information

At Reddish Vale we work tirelessly to improve standards in school. We would like to draw your attention to key standards and expectations that we have of every pupil at Reddish Vale. Thank you for your continued support.


Attendance is a major target for Reddish Vale High School.  Your child’s attendance target is a minimum of 96%.  In the case of any absence, a note from home and a medical note where applicable, is required or the absence is recorded as unauthorised.  Once five unauthorised absences occurs, the school is required to issue an Educational Penalty Notice (EPN), which can lead to a £125 fine per parent and in some cases prosecution.  We will also be running Governor Attendance Panels when attendance reaches unacceptable levels.  Attendance is directly related to progress and we thank you for your support in raising standards.


Too many learning minutes are lost to poor punctuality and we currently are working with each year team to highlight the importance of pupils being on time.  Pupils that are late to tutor will sit a 10 minute detention with their tutor at breaktime and pupils that are late after tutor will sit a same day 30 minute lunch detention.  Persistent lateness will result in a same day isolation.


The majority of pupils at Reddish Vale come to school looking smart and adhering to the uniform policy.  It is inevitable in any school that some young people will push uniform boundaries. Therefore, we ask for parents’ support in enforcing our standards.  Pupils will be not be allowed in normal lessons unless uniform is to the correct standard.  Please visit the uniform policy section of the website and discuss this where appropriate with your child.  Pupils are expected to adhere to the uniform policy before, during and when leaving school. 

Gate Checks

On a daily basis, our staff will meet and greet all students at the gate and ensure standards are upheld.  Pupils must remove make up/fake tan where applicable and also remove any jewellery before entering school.  Excessive make up, mascara, eye shadow, contouring, eye brow makeup, blush, nail polish or false nails will not be allowed in school. Pupils have been told that they may have light make-up such as a light foundation.  In addition to this, it is expected that hoodies are removed, coats off and full uniform including shoes are correct before entering school.  Pupils have been reminded that they will be placed in isolation with their tutor if they do not adhere to this. 

Bag Checking

I would like to give you notice of regular bag checking that will take place in school and on the gate.  In accordance with the 'DfE' and the 'School Food Standards' (Jan 2015) we are committed to ensuring that pupils eat healthily in school and at present there are too many unhealthy snacks and drinks being consumed in school.  They will not be permitted to bring in large packets of crisps, Pringles etc, nor will any fizzy/sugary/energy drinks be permitted.  These items will be part of a banned list of contraband that will be disposed of if found in school. 

We are also determined to keep pupils safe in school and any banned items found in pupils’ bags will be removed and parents notified with an appropriate sanction if required.

Mobile Phones

Multi-media devices (Mobile Phones/iPads/MP3 and MP4 players/Cameras/Video Imaging Devices) will be confiscated if seen on site.  All pupils are to ensure that any of their devices are switched off and out of site when on the school premises.  This includes before, during and after school.  If seen in school, devices will be removed and returned to students at 3:20 pm.


In the interests of health and safety pupils are not permitted to cycle their bikes on the school premises and they are asked not to ride their bikes between the school gates at Performing Arts up to and just beyond the hill going over the railway lines. 

Thank you for your co-operation and continued support in helping us raise standards for your children. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child’s Tutor.

Kind regards

Matt Whoriskey
Assistant Headteacher