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Solar Energy and Reddish Vale 

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How it works
For less effort than organising just one school fête, your school could get free solar panels and save enough to buy up to ten new computers every year for twenty years.
It’s not magic when you know the secret.

Savings Economics
Sketch showing flow of electricity and money once solar pv included. Demonstrates how cash now flows to savings The UK Government pays an extra fee or tariff for every unit of electricity generated from solar panels for 20 years. This tariff is often referred to as a Feed In Tariff or FIT.

In addition an owner of solar panels can use that electricity and save the cost of buying it from the grid. Any surplus not used on site is sold back to the grid. Over time, this income pays for the cost of installing and maintaining the panels.

In the case of Solar for Schools, we co-ordinate the funding, arrange the installation of the system and manage it for 20 years. The school simply agrees to provide the roof and buy the clean, renewable,discounted electricity from it for 20 years. The savings on electricity bills can then be used to buy additional teaching materials such as computers and books. 

We also provide free monitoring tools via the website and educational materials so that students can learn about solar energy and sustainable living.

How much does a school save?
This varies from school to school as it depends on location, roof characteristics & size, when the electricity is consumed and what they currently pay for it. As part of the application process we analyse each roof and electricity bill and provide a report. The report provides guidelines on how much solar could be installed and initial calculations as to what the total annual savings will be. Schools typically save 20-30% of their electricity costs with no upfront investment. Have a look at the School section of this website for details of what each school has saved so far.

How long will the savings continue for?
20 years or longer. Savings are based on the reduced electricity prices from energy generated by the panels. The price is set at a significant discount to current electricity prices and is guaranteed to never exceed normal electricity prices even if they were to fall in future. After the initial 20 year period, the panels will be fully depreciated and paid for but will continue to generate electricity for little more than the cost of some maintenance.

Is it really free?
Yes, the solar panel system really is! We have investors on board, and alongside the government grants available for installing renewable energy, it is possible to fund the capital investment and on-going maintenance so schools do not have to find capital. Rooftop installations are not just for commercial companies.  We have decided to do this to help schools without capital to invest, to reap some financial, energy savings in both the short and long-term and to support schools through education for sustainability. It really won’t cost you or your school anything for the panels.