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Year Group Bubble Plan

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Year Group Bubble Plan

As the Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease there is more flexibility to relax the changes put in place at the start of the year. Therefore, on returning to school is September 2021 we will return to the original school timetable and schedule. This means that pupils in all year groups will start school at 8:35 reporting to form rooms for registration and finishing at 2:50.

We will continue with a five period day. However, there will no longer be any split lessons as break and lunchtimes will return to the normal times with just one sitting for all year groups.  Pupils will remain in Year group hubs for form time, and lessons will be taking place in subject areas, as opposed to Year group hubs. 


Below you can see the form room plan for each year group hub. 

7R – M7

8R – EN1

9R – HU3

10R – MFL4

11R – L2

7E – M1

8E – EN9

9E – HU2

10E – MFL2

11E – L4

7D – M2

8D – EN7

9D – HU4

10D – CZ3

11D – S7

7I – M3

8I – EN2

9I – S2

10I – CZ2

11I – S10

7S – M6

8S – EN10

9S – HU7

10S – CZ4

11S – S3

7H – M9

8H – EN3

9H – HU5

10H – MFL6

11H – S8

7V – M5

8V – EN6

9V – HU6

10V – MFL3

11V – S9

7A – M4

8A – EN4

9A – HU1

10A – CZ1


7L – M8

8L – EN5