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Options & Parents Evening:

Ahead of each Parents’ Evening, you will receive a progress report.  Details of which you can find below.  All Parents’ Evenings will take place on the Thursday between 4-7pm. 

As outlined below, Year 11 will have two Parents’ Evenings as usual, with one evening per year for Years 7-10.

Parents Evenings


Y7 Tutor Evening

19th October 2023

Y11 Parents Evening 1

16th November 2023

Y10 Parents Evening

11th January 2024

Y8 Parents Evening

8th February 2024

Y7 Parents Evening

29th February 2024

Y11 Parents Evening 2

 14th March 2024

Y9 Parents/Options Evening

 18th April 2024

Booking Appointments for Parents Evening

Appointment booking will be done online via 

To book appointments, please see the guide at the bottom of the page for further support.

In the event of a problem in booking appointments, please can you contact our IT Manager, Paul Hutchinson on

Just to reiterate, you will book the appointments through the link above, but the actual appointment will be in school with teaching staff.