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Stockport Youth Summit

On 6th February, students were invited to the Stockport Youth Summit at Stockport Town Hall, organised by Pursuing Individual Excellence (PIE).

Students worked collaboratively on workshops on the future of the local area with students from all of the schools in Stockport. The workshops were on topics such as: healthcare, housing, neighbourhoods, growing up and transport. Students worked collaboratively with those from other schools and were congratulated on their engagement, maturity, team work and behaviour throughout. Students got an opportunity to see the Town Hall facilities, including the council chambers. 

Part of the Youth Summit involved a panel, chaired by the CEO of PIE, with local figures from the NHS, Greater Manchester Police, Music Magpie, Stockport Race and Equality Partnership. Students were able to hear plans and initiatives for the future of Stockport, as well as ask. All in all, the summit was a fantastic opportunity for students to work and network with students from other schools. They got to hear impressive guest speakers, including the outgoing Stockport Youth MP, and give their own ideas for how the future of Stockport can be as successful and pleasant as possible for young people. The students involved gave an excellent account of themselves, showed great respect and conduct on the way to and from the summit, and did the school proud.