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Fire Work Sector Visit Opportunity

Year 10 work sector visit opportunity!

On Tuesday 21st January 2020, in school time, we have arranged for a group of 10 students to visit the Northwest Fire Service Training facility in Bury. Students will see the many roles of this profession, take part in interactive activities around training to work in uniformed services as well as have the opportunity to speak to Fire officer, first response staff and support roles.

As this offer is for 10 pupils we have organised an application process for all Year 10 pupils. If you feel you would really benefit from this once in a lifetime experience you will need to complete a written application. This must include:

  • Personal details
    • Name
    • Tutor
  • Why you are a suitable pupil to take part in this experience?
    • Subjects you are studying.
    • Hobbies/ Interests
    • Behaviour/ Attendance/ Rewards
  • How does this experience fit in with your future pathway?
  • What would you like to gain from this experience?

Please see the flyer attached for more details