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Update From the Maths Team

Dear parent/carer,

A note from the maths team

We thought we would just touch base with you all given it’s the start of a new term.

Thank you to all those who have encouraged our students to keep in touch with the maths department for one thing or another, or have been in touch yourselves – its always nice to hear from you to know that you are safe and also to know that students are doing some maths work. We presume they are all continuing with their maths learning and that they should ALL be  attempting the work set. Staff are able to monitor individual usage of Mathswatch for students and so we are aware that a large number of students have been working extremely well on their maths assignments, while some may be finding it hard to motivate themselves and may be doing very little (mentioning no names but the students will know we know who they are!!!). 

This week our maths students will have seen some new work set on Google Classroom that directs them to complete tasks on Mathswatch over the next few weeks. We are asking students to do their best – we recognise it is harder teaching themselves from videos rather than being in lessons with their amazing maths teacher 😊 – but it is important that they are still learning/revising right now. If they do not understand a few things here and there don’t panic! Students have also been directed to alternative maths websites such as Mathsgenie and Corbettmaths if they need further tutorial support via videoclips.  Students are encouraged to email their maths teachers using their school email account with any queries they might have and we will try to help them. 

We did notice that a small number of students did not complete any of the assigned tasks on Mathswatch by the end of last term. We have all had plenty of time to get our heads around this new situation now so we are hoping that with the Easter holidays over the students have a good routine in place for the start of this term. We recognise that some students may be sharing laptops with other family members or have other issues.  But we know the videos give good explanations and are therefore a valuable way to learn/revise, with students taking notes from the videos before doing the questions to check their understanding and to enable their teacher to monitor how they are doing. 

We do hope that you are managing to keep yourselves and your families safe and well. Maths staff are continuing to support the students with their learning throughout this period, although some of us are engaging in other activities too such as doing Joe Wicks live PE  and planking challenges every day to keep the heart rate  going in the absence of teaching our wonderful classes face to face!! It’s also helping to keep us sane – as is the lovely sunshine!

Keep in touch and keep encouraging our students to complete their maths assignments each week. Students will be aware that messages of support/guidance are also regularly posted on Google Classroom, but please don’t hesitate to contact the students maths teacher if you require any further support or guidance.

Warmest wishes

Mrs A Catterall                                            Mr B Matthews
Director of Maths                                       Director of Maths