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Admissions and Transition

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The Trust has adopted and fully supports the common secondary admissions policy for Stockport MBC. For further information on Secondary admissions in Stockport, please click  here to visit the Stockport Council website, where you will find links to useful information, including the appeals process.

Alternatively you can contact School Admissions at Stockport Council directly:

By phone: 0161 217 6022
By email:  


Transition from Primary to Secondary School

For more information regarding catchment areas and applying for a year 7 place, please visit the Stockport Council website here

Dates for each application stage: 2024 intake:

Application stage Date
Application opening date 15 August 2023
Application closing date 31 October 2023
Application opens for applicants who missed the initial closing date 2 November 2023
Offer Day 1 March 2024
Last day for appeals (first round)  
Appeals heard Summer Term 2024

Offer Day and What Happens Next

After National Secondary School Offer Day on 1st March, we will begin sending welcome letters to parents/carers of pupils who have received a place here at Reddish Vale. 

There is additional information available on the Stockport Council website, including how places are allocated, which you can find here

Please note that If you have received a Year 7 place for your child to attend Reddish Vale High School, you must contact Stockport Council School Admissions to formally accept or decline the school place. 

You can reach them by email:      

Also, this year the local Authority are hosting a temporary helpline to assist you in understanding the outcome of your applications. The helpline will be open on the below dates:

Monday 4th March

12 – 5pm

Tuesday 5th March

12 – 5pm

Wednesday 6th March

12 – 5pm

Thursday 7th March

12 – 5pm

Monday 11th March

12 – 5pm

Tuesday 12th March

12 – 5pm

Wednesday 13th March

12 – 5pm

Thursday 14th March

12 – 5pm

When calling, you will be expected to provide their child’s name, date of birth and the email address that they applied with. The Local Authority can provide you with advice and guidance on the following:

  • Why they were refused a place at their preferred school(s)
  • How their application was considered
  • Which schools have places available
  • The appeals process
  • How places were allocated
  • What to do if their circumstances have changed since applying (i.e. a house move)
  • The admissions policy for their preferred school(s)

The number of the temporary helpline is 0161 521 8871


In Year Transfers

If you would like to move during the school year, you can apply for an in year transfer. You can do this in one of two ways. 

To transfer from one school in Stockport to another, a three part transfer form will need to be completed. These forms are available from school.
Part one should be completed by the parent. Part two should be completed by the current school. Part three should be completed by the requested school and sent to the Admissions Support and Advice Team.

If you are moving to a school into Stockport, you will need to complete an application form online via the Stockport Council website here

For more information regarding in year transfers and application open dates, please visit the Stockport Council website here