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Art and Design

Respect, Aspiration, Determination, Independence.

                                      Art and Design

Henri Matisse: “Creativity takes courage”

Mrs G. Bebb: Head of Department

Mrs N. Sholes

Pupils are encouraged to explore and develop their creativity in a supportive, enriching and inspirational environment.   Our curriculum is designed to enable pupils to acquire and develop art skills, using a wide range of materials and processes.  Work such as drawing, painting, 3 –D art, multimedia and printing are all covered over the course of KS3 and KS4 so that pupils experience a wealth of opportunities.  Our schemes of work are specifically designed so that all abilities can access the curriculum and make progress.  We help pupils to develop their independence by encouraging them to make their own decisions when choosing a path for their coursework and final pieces.  We will inspire pupils by looking at a wide range of artists, and we create opportunities for them to express their ideas and help pupils to become analytical thinkers.   

Please click on link below to view the Art Curriculum Overview