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Assembly and Tutor Time Curriculum

Positively changing lives through personal growth & academic excellence 
Respect, Aspiration, Determination, Independence

                      Assembly and Tutor Time Curriculum

The assembly and tutor time curriculum at Reddish Vale High School is underpinned by our school vision “Positively Changing Lives.” Each week follows a personal development theme that aims to promote student awareness and understanding, and develop skills that will help them to become informed citizens, prepared for life in modern Britain. Throughout the week, students receive one assembly and three tutor time activities based around this topic.

The personal development curriculum encompasses national awareness weeks, elements of the PSHE curriculum, and ongoing issues and current affairs in modern Britain that we believe are incredibly important for our students to understand and engage with. We also take this opportunity to celebrate success and recognise those who live out our core values of RespectAspirationDetermination and Independence.

Sessions are 35 minutes long and are embedded at the start of the school day to give all our pupils the best possible opportunity to prepare them for life in modern Britain. Sessions are planned to include literacy and numeracy skills, SMSC and British Values links, and links to our own school values to ensure that students are both developing key skills and also understanding the relevance and importance of the topic to our school and the wider world.

Tutor time activities include a ‘tutor reading’ which provides the opportunity for students to read a variety of different texts with their form group.