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Positively changing lives through personal growth & academic excellence 
Respect, Aspiration, Determination, Independence


“Read like a writer; write like a reader.”

Meet the English Department



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Mrs F. Dunlop

Head of Department

Mrs T. Clark

Second in Department

Mrs S. Brown

Teacher of English

Mr D. Fisher

Teacher of English

Mrs C. Eyres

Teacher of English

Miss S. Ryan

Teacher of English

Miss M. Moore

Teacher of English

Miss A. Robinson

Head of Year, Teacher of English

Miss N. Yeung

Teacher of English

Ms C. Forsyth

Associate Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of English


English lessons at Reddish Vale will give students a profound appreciation of the spoken and written word and equip them with the skills to express themselves confidently in a variety of situations, both in and outside of the classroom.

Skills acquired in English have a positive influence on all other curriculum subjects, are vital in any walk of life and tie into our whole school values of Respect, Aspiration, Determination and Independence.

Our English curriculum uses the National Curriculum requirements for reading, writing, and spoken language as a springboard to a broad and deep study and love of English. The five year journey begins at KS3 where, as part of a pilot scheme funded by the Education Endowment Fund, Reddish Vale High School students follow the Ark+ Mastery Curriculum in Key Stage 3. This exciting opportunity provides our young people with a grammar-focused programme of learning and dedicated Reading for Pleasure sessions across the timetable. The Ark+ Mastery Curriculum also has a secure focus on literary heritage, encouraging scholarship within all pupils as they engage with seminal works of literature. This builds an effective foundation for KS4, where pupils are emboldened to think freely and independently; pupils are encouraged to think, question and form opinions on a huge variety of topics to support their growth as global citizens. Their study in KS4 follows the National Curriculum and Edexcel requirements; pupils study for two GCSEs, both English Language and English Literature, assessed through linear examinations at the end of Year 11.

We aim to:

  • Create a journey of English knowledge that builds on prior learning
  • Develop a wide range of literacy and study skills
  • Grow knowledge- and vocabulary-rich young people
  • Encourage a life-long interest in literature, drama and media
  • Promote independence and resilience in learning

Scheme of Learning/Courses/Curriculum Map

Exam board Specification - Pearson Edexcel

English Language

English Literature

Feedback Policy

The primary purpose of feedback is to move students on with their learning. Students receive feedback on their learning in a number of different ways, both formally and informally.

Formative assessment takes place every lesson in many forms including:

  • Low stakes quizzing
  • Live marking in lessons
  • Questioning
  • Peer and self-assessment (green pen)
  • Examination style questions

Students are provided with detailed written feedback on longer pieces of written work and key pieces. Next steps marking is implemented, alongside other techniques to promote learning and progress. Students are expected to respond to their feedback and make improvements to their work by acting upon it immediately using purple pen.