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Food and Health and Social Care

Respect, Aspiration, Determination, Independence.

                           Food and Health & Social Care

Virgil: “The greatest wealth is health”

Miss C. Sutton

Across KS3 it is our intent to create learners that show Respect for themselves and others. Understanding that different people and different cultures have varied food heritages and requirements. Along with this an understanding of healthy eating and nutrition. This coupled with Health, Safety and Hygiene allows them to cook nutritious and tasty food for themselves and others. We intend to create learners who can have the Aspiration to look beyond the easy and given, experimenting with recipes and developing their own ideas. Students should be able to aspire to achieve more than the basic expectations and engage with Hospitality and Catering careers. Students will show Determination to succeed and not give up if it is not perfect but reflect on how to improve and develop the skills they have learnt. We want students to be determined to improve and grow both in their practical ability and in their understanding of the world around them and expectations of how things should be. We want our students to be able to show Independence, being able to follow a recipe, but also plan a meal and work safely. Students need to be able to independently select equipment and ingredients and be confident in knowing when things are cooked and what signs to look for.

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