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Creation of music is the heartbeat of our school and community.



Mr A. T. Sholes -Head of Performing Arts 

Mrs E Durici - Teacher of Music

Peripatetic Teachers:

  • Mr B. Emanuel: Guitar, Bass, Vocals.
  • Mr A Mann: Percussion
  • Mr C. Mann: Brass/Piano/Vocals
Music Department
Where words fail, music speaks - Hans Christian Anderse

The Music department provides a high quality teaching and learning experience for all pupils and to develop a long lasting enthusiasm for Music.
Music offers students the chance to express themselves in a unique way and develops students’ competence as learners and increase their self-esteem. Music encourages collaborative working, developing students’ intellect and feeling helping to develop a sense of group identity and togetherness. Music incorporates different cultures creating essential links between home, school and the wider community.

Music learning enable students to develop crucial skills such as listening, reflecting and appreciating a wide variety of music. It develops, discipline, creativity and sense of self-worth and achievement.


The Department aims to:
  • To deliver outstanding standards in teaching and learning throughout the curriculum.
  • To develop and utilise quality resources in a safe, positive and modern learning environment.
  • Develop a high level of Music skills and knowledge.
  • Provide a broad, balanced and differentiated Music curriculum to meet the needs of all pupils.
  • Make students aware of the applications of science in the wider context.
  • Develop mathematical and literacy skills.
  • Offer guidance in relation to further education and career aspirations.
  • Prepare students thoroughly for external exams and coursework.

Key Stage 3
4% of curriculum time (2 lessons per two week timetable) is provided for Music lessons. 

Year 7:
Learn to play the Ukulele.
Orchestral Landmarks
The Voice
Musical Cycles
The Beatles
Keeping the Beat.

Year 8:
Ukulele Composition
Music for Special Events
12 bar blues
Samba and Rondo Form
Pop History

Key Stage 4
Students who opt for Music at Key Stage 4 develop skills such as solo and ensemble performance, composition, Technical performances along with listening and appraising. The AQA GCSE Music examination focusses on three strands of music The Western Classical Tradition, Popular music of the 20th & 21st Century and World Music, studying music from Handel’s “Water Music” to “Take a Bow” by Rihanna. Students are encouraged to develop their personal strengths and preferences into their GCSE work and are provided with specialist instrumental or vocal tutoring to enable them to get the best from their performance skills.

Extra-curricular Music
Reddish Vale High School offers a variety of extra-curricular activities to students. Specialist instrumental tutors are available to develop instrumental and vocal skills - string, brass, percussion, guitar and vocal lessons are all offered within the school day. All students have the opportunity to take advantage of the extra-curricular activities, regardless of ability and background. After school musical activities include Guitar Club, String Group, Keyboard Club, Vocal group, Brass Band and School Orchestra.

Where can music lead you?
Music at Reddish Vale High School can lead you down a variety of avenues from further music education in A levels and university to BTECs and apprenticeships. It also provides learners with the skills to develop any avenue within the music industry such as  music publishers, producers and record labels, to talent managers, business managers and entertainment lawyers. Music can give students an amazing foundation to start their career and at Reddish Vale High School we offer a Respectful environment for all music, students and staff. We give students the chance to Aspire to become anything they choose. We help them in developing their Determination to succeed and help all students become Independent learners for the next stage in life.