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Online Parents Evening

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Virtual Consultation Evening

Due to the challenges we face with Coronavirus, we are unable to run a regular consultation evening in person and have set up an online consultation evening using a website called ‘school cloud’.  This is where all our appointments will take place.  Please find below some instructions on how to sign in, access and use the programme for consultation evening.

This is an important evening and provides you with an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress during these challenging times and an opportunity to connect with your child’s teachers.

To book your appointment

Please visit the Reddish Vale website and click on the school cloud link or go directly to to sign in.  

Please visit to book your appointments. (A short guide on how to add appointments is included with this.) 

Login with the following information:

  • Your details
    • Title
    • First name
    • Surname
    • Email address (not essential if you don’t have one)
  • Student details
    • First name
    • Surname
    • Date of birth

Video appointments will be limited to 5 minutes per parent/carer per teacher.  This is something to consider in terms of making the most of your time and what you’d like to discuss. 

If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact the school office who will be happy to add a telephone appointment at another time.

On the night itself

Visit and sign in and your appointments will load at the correct time.  All you need to do is be signed in and your appointments will automatically appear at the correct time.  

Further support is available via the following link: 

Yours sincerely
Mr Whoriskey
Associate Deputy Headteacher