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Pastoral Care

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Pastoral Care at Reddish Vale High School

At Reddish Vale, we believe that pupils will only fulfil their academic potential if they feel secure, happy and cared for within the school environment.

The welfare of the children in our school, is therefore the accepted responsibility of all members of staff.

Children are placed within a form group, with their Form Tutor having initial responsibility for the social welfare of that group. This includes the monitoring of attendance, punctuality, behaviour.

Your child's Form Tutors are the first point of contact and will deal with the majority of questions or concerns that may arise. The Head of Year is there to support you and your child both in terms of their academic progress and for any pastoral issues that may arise.

Where issues arise we will always intervene quickly and work with parents to address any concerns.

Year group

Head Of Year

Assistant Head of Year

Year 7

Miss. V Horrocks

Miss. C Bickerton

Year 8

Mrs. F Lucas-Stokes

Miss. C Richmond

Year 9

Mrs. A Knowles

Miss. C Dolan

Year 10

Miss. F Rockey

Mrs. T Payton

Year 11

Mr. T Hurst

Miss. C Ratcliffe


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr. A Perry

Safeguarding Manager

Mrs. S Vivante


Attendance Officer

Miss. E Hughes


Please visit the link below for information and support regarding students coming back into school to continue their learning amid the Covid-19 outbreak and National lockdown.