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Religious Education / Ethics & Morality

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          Religious Education / Ethics & Morality

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Meet the Religious Education / Ethics & Morality Department



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Mrs C. Morrison

Assistant Headteacher, Head of Department

Miss G. Loynds

Teacher of Citizenship, RE and Spanish

Mr J. Edwards

Teacher of Citizenship and RE

Miss F. Rockey

Key Stage 4 Lead, Teacher of Citizenship and RE

The Religious Studies curriculum aims to prepare students for life beyond Reddish Vale High School by building understanding, respect and tolerance of those around them, including the faith, beliefs and moral reasoning of others. The curriculum aims to explore a variety of real life issues, and help students to develop their own opinions on these, whilst learning and respecting the views of others’ around them. The GCSE curriculum follows the Eduqas specification, and helps students to explore moral issues at a higher level than KS3, including religious views based around these moral issues. It then explores the beliefs, teachings and practices of two of the largest religions being practised in the UK today, with the aim of furthering students’ knowledge, understanding and respect of these religions in society today.

Please click the link below to view the Religious Education Curriculum Overview