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School Bus

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School Bus

*Please note that school bus places may come on a first came first serve basis until the bus service are able to provide additional spaces 

School Bus Service Provider: Stagecoach

Morning Bus Service    814 - Effective 1st September 2023

07.33     BRINNINGTON, Northumberland Road
07.37     Hollow End
07.40     North Way
07.44     Monton Road/Brinnington Road

Afternoon Bus Service   814

15.27     Brinnington Shopping Centre
15.33     Hollow End
15.36     North Way
15.41     Middlesex Road/Brinnington Road

From BRINNINGTON, Northumberland Road, Blackberry Lane, North Way, The Link, Middlesex Road, Brinnington Road, Carrington Road, Tiviot Way, Sandy Lane, Reddish Road, Reddish Vale Road to REDDISH VALE SCHOOL. 

From REDDISH VALE SCHOOL, Reddish Vale Road, Dalkieth Road, Abingdon Road, Reddish Road, Sandy Lane, Tiviot Way, Carrington Road, Brinnington Road, Northumberland Road, Blackberry Lane, North Way, The Link, Middlesex Road to BRINNINGTON ROAD.

School Buses and concessionary fares for pupils in Greater Manchester

Passengers can pay a fare to the driver for each journey shown on this timetable. However, pupils will need to show an IGO pass to travel at the concessionary (reduced) fare. If pupils do not have an IGO pass, they will have to pay a higher fare.

Most of the journeys shown in the timetable below are funded by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM). The majority of TfGM funded services charge a standard fare and also offer daily return tickets. In some cases, the return ticket can also be used for travel on other journeys which serve similar areas – even if it is provided by a different operator. On most services, pupils can also buy a weekly scholar’s ticket, which costs £7.60. These are ONLY valid on schooldays on school buses and are available from the bus driver on all services where they are applicable. To help the driver, please try to have the correct fare when buying your ticket. Carnet ticket (10 single trips) £10 – available to buy on the bus or at a TfGM Travel shop.

A summary of fares and ticketing information on all school services included in this timetable can be found here

There are also a small number of TfGM funded services where the operator sets the fares. You will need to check with the operator what fares are available.


Applications for free school travel passes for 2021/22

The application process for free school travel passes for September 2021 is now open.
To find out if your child is eligible, click here

Applications received after 30 June 2021 will be looked at in order the date it was received. We cannot guarantee a response by the beginning of term in September.

To apply for a free school travel pass, click here


Yellow bus passes and igo passes

Children aged 11 to 16 can obtain an igo pass to prove that they are under 16 and should pay the concessionary fare on buses in Greater Manchester. 
To apply for an igo pass, click here

To apply for a Yellow School Bus pass you need to already have an igo pass. Once you have an igo pass you can apply for a Yellow School Bus pass.
To apply for a yellow bus pass, click here

More information is available here