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Sports Fixtures

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Sports Fixtures WB 4.12.23

This page is updated weekly with upcoming Sports Fixtures. You can also see more information on the PE Department's Instagram page: @rvhs_pe 


All years: Basketball training 3-4pm (GM and JBB)



All years: Stockport KS3 and KS4 Girls basketball tournament held in our Sportshall 3-5pm (JBB and TH)

All years: Rugby training 3-4pm (NR)

Year 11: GCSE PE Coursework 3-4pm in L3 (GM and ER)



Year 7-9: Stockport KS3 Boys basketball tournament held in our Sportshall 3-5pm (GM)

Year 11: GCSE PE coursework in L3 3-4pm (ER)

Year 11: OCR Sport Studies 3-4pm in L3 (TH)

All years: Girls football practice 3-4pm (VH and LF)



Teaching and learning meeting



Year 10 and 11: GCSE PE Revision/coursework 8.00-8.30am (GM and ER)

Year 7: Interform girls football tournament 3-4pm (TH)