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The Library

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The Library

The library is open every break and lunch time for pupils to use the computers, do homework and to take out books. The pupils have access to PCs which are linked to a printer, for homework and coursework use.

Pupils have access to a wide variety of up to date fiction and non-fiction books which can be loaned for two weeks at a time. Newspapers are available and also magazines. There are also quiz and puzzle activity sheets available.

The library has its own pupil librarians who volunteer to help out at lunch times. Being a school librarian promotes independence, responsibility and team work.

The library is used by the English Department for fortnightly reading lessons. The pupils in Year 7 and Year 8 work towards achieving their Bronze, Silver and Gold ‘Reading Challenge’ Award.

The library space is also used for reading interventions to boost the reading ages of the pupils in the school.

The English Department staff are on-hand to help with homework and book selection.